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Claim Guidelines

For MOTORCAR CLAIMS, we’ll do almost everything for you. In fact, all you have to do is to call us!

  1. In the event of an accident, call immediately our hotline numbers 1677 or etc………….
  2. Our Claim staff will be on the accident site within 30 minutes within 20 km in Vientiane radius and around 1 hour out Vientiane radius.
  3. He will get all the necessary information about the accident.
  4. He will represent you and will act to protect your interests.
  5. He will try to negotiate with other party on your behalf in order to obtain a fair and quick settlement when possible.

Note. Claims process is up to and depend on the case if not serious case APA can process within 1 week  if medium case 1.5 to 2 week on process, if high loss or serious case that up to negotiate with both side who related with the accident.

General Documentary Requirements:

  1. Accident report:Get details of the other drivers and any witnesses (Name, address, phone number and insurance details)
  2. Take photos of the accident (Damaged vehicles, location, number plates and the other driver’s license)
  1. Copy of Insured’s driver’s license
  2. Copy of insurance certificate
  3. Repair quotation and medical bills.


For P&C (fire, home, small business and construction) INSURANCE CLAIMS, here are the following procedures:

  1. When loss occurred, the insured must immediately inform us by calling our hotline numbers 1677 or Etc.…..

In case of fire, burglary or an incident where there is seriously injured or death, you must inform the police or chef of that village.

  1. After receiving the call, we will send a surveyor to investigate on the scene.
  2. The insured should cooperate with our staff in collecting any information and documents relating to the incident.
  3. The insured must fill-up the claim form brought by our staff.
  4. For minor claims, we will compensate the insured 15 days or 2 week after receiving all the complete documents.


General Documentary Requirements:

  1. P&C  Report: details of what happened
  2. Photo of the property  scene
  3. Describe Damage and/or Repair needed
  4. Receipt (Provide receipts of Lost item/s)
  5. Police report
  6. Other related documents