Travel Insurance

Spread your wings and fly with our comprehensive travel insurance.  Planning a short trip or exploring the world we have you covered.

Travel insurance: Protect you and your family against unexpected costs whilst travelling on holiday at home or abroad


ພົງສະຫວັນ ປະກັນໄພ ເອພີເອ ໃຫ້ທ່ານຫຼາຍກ່ວາການຄຸ້ມຄອງ

You’re not just another customer

We’re not just another insurer


There are many different options of Travel Insurance for individuals or family

Benefits and Cover:

  1. Medical and other expenses caused by Accident or illness
  2. Death or Total Permanent
    Disability by Accident
  3. Automatic extension of cover under Journey is completed (due to death, injury, delay in public transport)
  4. Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
  5. Additional Return Flight
  6. Baggage Loss
  7. Flight Delay Cash Benefits (delay over 12 hours)
  8. Missed Connecting Flight Cash Benefit (delay over 12 hours)
    • Overnight Accommodation
  1. Trip Cancellation/Curtailment
  2. Daily Allowance during Hospitalization
  3. Hotline Service 24 Hours


Phongsavanh Insurance (APA), serving customers always.

ພົງສະຫວັນປະກັນໄພ (ເອພີເອ) ພ້ອມເບີ່ງແຍງທ່ານສະເໝີ...


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