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Welcome to Lao PDR Tourism in 2024

Welcome to Lao PDR Tourism in 2024! Our aim is to promote Laos as a tourist destination, ensuring worry-free travel with a strong focus on the safety of our visitors.

Important factors that should be taken into account include the safety of tourists and employees, whether it is in a hotel, restaurant, or business. Therefore, Phongsavanh Insurance (APA) has introduced Safe Assured, which provides enhanced coverage with a special offer of an immediate discount of up to 35% for security measures in buildings.



Key achievements of 2023, the company’s goals for 2024

A special video interview featuring Mr. Dean Robertson, CEO of Phongsavanh Insurance Company (APA), in which he discusses the key achievements of 2023, the company’s goals for 2024, the fundamental values that shape the organization’s culture, and extends New Year’s greetings to both customers and the wider community.
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Importance of Compulsory Non-Life Insurance for Businesses in Laos

Laos has seen significant growth and investment, with 2024 expected to be a record year for tourism and business expansion. However, it’s important to remind businesses of their duty of care and legal responsibility to protect customers, employees, and their business. Phongsavanh Insurance (APA) kindly reminds businesses of the compulsory non-life insurance required by law and urges awareness of its benefits in unfortunate incidents. (more…)

Valentine’s Day Promotion

This Valentine’s Day, discover a special travel insurance promotion offering a discount of up to 14%.

Whether you are visiting Laos or traveling anywhere else in the world, you can trust Phongsavanh Insurance (APA) to offer property management and financial assistance for individuals, families, and groups. This will allow you to feel at ease when taking your first step out of your home. Our management services include: (more…)