LOCA QUTE was launched on January 26, 2021, at the Bajaj Intracity showroom in Vientiane. The ceremony was attended by Madam Sengdao Buphakonkam, Chairman, Board of Directors, Phongsavanh Insurance (APA) Co., Ltd., Mr. Souliyo Vongdara, Managing Director, LOCA Co., Ltd. and Mr. Deenu Abishek Wayte, Pounding Partner, Prime Auto (Laos) Co., Ltd.

Developed to bring affordable ride-hailing services for those on the go, this service is made safe with a bespoke motor insurance coverage of up to 500 million kip by Phongsavanh Insurance (APA).

After brainstorming, and deeply understanding the requirements of the market, we launched the first ‘Pay As You Go’ insurance plan in Laos, to provide short-term effective insurance coverage for passengers on all LOCA QUTE rides.

This service has been widely accepted by residents in the capital city, as the four-passenger quadricycle, QUTE, is ideal for congested roads – coupled with the ease of hailing the taxi, through a transparent and convenient application provided by LOCA LAOS – and assured safe travel by a special comprehensive insurance plan provided by Phongsavanh Insurance (APA).

With this bespoke insurance coverage of up to 500 million LAK, it clearly demonstrates our company’s strategy to be “the preferred and trusted innovative Insurance Company in Laos”.