Laos is known as the “Battery of Asia”. And Phongsavanh insurance (APA), as pioneers in Electric Vehicle (EV) insurance, is well positioned to Spreadhead the Green Energy revolution in Laos.

Dean Robertson, CEO Phongsavanh insurance (APA), was the keynote speaker and panel member at the 2nd EV Event held in Vientiane held on 7th July, 2023. The event attracted huge interest from the local business community and provided an excellent opportunity to exchange challenges and solutions with innovators and early adopters.

In fact, the numbers tell the story. In 2021, there were just 121 imported EVs in Laos, This number had jumped to 1,430 in 2022. The adoption rate can only accelerate given the LAO PDR Government’s target to move Laos to 1% EV in 2022, to 30% of vehicles by 2030. More and more car companies are shifting the focus to EV.

EVs are a strategic focus for us, and given our strong position and vision, we are proud to support the

evolving ecosystem.